Management Commands


When a user deletes a message, the object is not deleted from the database right away, it is moved to a trash folder. One reason is to allow a message to be undeleted if the user wants to retrieve it. Another reason is that there is only one copy of a message for both the sender and the recipient, so the message must be marked for deletion by the two parties before to be considered for a withdraw. An additional constraint is that a message may be a member of a conversation and the reply chain must be kept consistent.

So there are some criteria to fulfill by a record to be really deleted from the database:

  • both the sender and the recipient must have marked the message as deleted
  • if the message is in a conversation, all the messages of the conversation must be marked for deletion
  • the action of deletion must have been done enough time ago

A management command is provided for this purpose: postman_cleanup

It can be run as a cron job or directly.

The --days option can be used to specify the minimal number of days a message/conversation must have been marked for deletion. Default value is 30 days.


A management command to run a test suite on the messages presently in the database. It checks messages and conversations for possible inconsistencies, in a read-only mode. No change is made on the data. postman_checkup

It can be run directly or better as a nightly cron job.