Parties should be notified of these events:

  • when a message is rejected (sender)
  • when a message or a reply is received (recipient)

New in version 3.4.0 With the default templates provided within the application, a text-only email is sent. If you want the email to be in HTML format:

  1. Create the .html version.

  2. Override the .txt version (otherwise the template provided by default applies) with either:

    • a non empty content of your design.
    • or an empty content, meaning by convention a fallback to the .html content with all tags stripped.

For visitors

An email is sent, using these templates:

  • postman/email_visitor_subject.txt for the subject
  • postman/email_visitor.txt and/or .html for the body

The available context variables are:

  • site: the Site instance if the “sites” framework is installed, otherwise a RequestSite instance with a fallback to None in the case of the API
  • object: the Message instance
  • action: ‘rejection’ or ‘acceptance’

Default templates are provided with the application. Same as for the views, you can override them, and design yours.

For users

Special case: In case of a rejection by the auto moderation feature, the user is immediately aware of it, so there is no need for a notification in addition.

If a notifier application is configured (see Optional settings), the following labels are used:

  • postman_rejection to notify the sender of the rejection
  • postman_message to notify the recipient of the reception of a message
  • postman_reply to notify the recipient of the reception of a reply

Some extra context variables are passed in the call to the notifier application and so are available in the templates:

  • pm_message: the Message instance
  • pm_action: ‘rejection’ or ‘acceptance’
  • pm_site: the Site instance

If no notifier application is used, an email is sent, using these templates:

  • postman/email_user_subject.txt for the subject
  • postman/email_user.txt and/or .html for the body

In that case, the information about context variables and templates is the same as in the For visitors section above.