Views API

New in version 4.2.

Some views are dedicated to Ajax calls. These URLs are hosted in an api nested application namespace. The response is in JSON format.

unread messages count

View name: postman:api:unread-count

Return: The count of unread messages of the authenticated user.

Example: {"unread_count": 12}

Internal API

For an easier usage of the application from other applications in the project, an API is provided.

Note: The “sites” framework is optional but you need it if you want the site context variable to provide a Site instance (not None) in the notification templates.


Broadcast a message to multiple Users.

For an easier cleanup, all these messages are directly marked as archived and deleted on the sender side. The message is expected to be issued from a trusted application, so moderation is not necessary and the status is automatically set to ‘accepted’.

Arguments: (sender, recipients, subject, body=’’, skip_notification=False)


Write a message to a User.

Contrary to pm_broadcast(), the message is archived and/or deleted on the sender side only if requested. The message may come from an untrusted application, a gateway for example, so it may be useful to involve some auto moderators in the processing.

Arguments: (sender, recipient, subject, body=’’, skip_notification=False, auto_archive=False, auto_delete=False, auto_moderators=[])

Return: The created Message instance.


  • auto_archive: to mark the message as archived on the sender side

  • auto_delete: to mark the message as deleted on the sender side

  • auto_moderators: a list of auto-moderation functions

  • body: the contents of the message

  • recipient: a User instance

  • recipients: a list or tuple of User instances, or a single User instance

  • sender: a User instance

  • skip_notification: if the normal notification event is not wished

  • subject: the subject of the message


Suppose an application managing Event objects. Whenever a new Event is generated, you want to broadcast an announcement to Users who have subscribed to be informed of the availability of such a kind of Event.

Code sample:

from postman.api import pm_broadcast
events = Event.objects.filter(...)
for e in events:
        subject='New {0} at Our School: {1}'.format(e.type, e.title),